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COVID-19 UPDATE – 16 November 2020

Chartair welcome all passengers on board as we return our services back to the new normal.

Passengers travelling with Chartair will:

  • Be subjected to a temperature check prior to boarding
  • Use hand sanitiser prior to boarding.
  • Be refused travel if they are looking unwell or display flu like symptoms.
  • Be asked to remove all rubbish from aircraft when disembarking

Chartair continue to follow hygiene and cleaning protocols including:

  • Cleaning of aircraft with disinfectant wipes and sprays
  • Wiping down of high traffic office areas

Additional information can be found in the Chartair COVID-19 Management Plan.


Chartair continues to operate to remote communities and conducting cross border transport.

All passengers must ensure they comply with the relevant State requirements and provide evidence of approval travel to the State they are entering.

Chartair Businesses in the NT have all been inspected by the NT Health Department and have been approved and issued with COVID-19 Statements of Commitment.

Chartair Staff continue to adhere to all health and company requirements to limit the potential of flu like symptoms being transmitted within the company and to passengers and customers travelling with Chartair.

Chartair have a dedicated email address for enquiries about Chartair’s management of COVID-19 and have updated their COVID-19 Management Plan.

Chartair continue to check passenger temperatures prior to travel and all passengers are provided with hand sanitizer prior to boarding.


UPDATE 13 MAY 2020

Chartair continue to work with local Police and communities to ensure safe and efficient transport services supporting essential services.  Chartair have created a specific email address for enquiries or issues relating to the provision of the services and COVID-19.   If you have any queries regarding Chartair management of Covid-19 please email


Chartair remain open for business. As a provider of air transport services to remote communities, Chartair takes its responsibility for the health and safety of our staff and residents at the communities we service extremely seriously.

Chartair have implemented the following processes:


  • Only essential personnel will be carried on RPT services to remote communities.
  • Residents returning home will need to provide evidence of residency.
  • Essential personnel will need to provide proof of requirement to attend the community.
  • Passengers will be required to submit to a temperature check, conducted at Check – in. Any passenger with a temperature of over 37 degrees, will be refused travel.
  • Passengers unable to prove they are approved to attend a community will be refused travel.
  • Passengers will be provided with hand sanitizer prior to boarding the aircraft.
  • Passengers who present at check in looking unwell will be refused travel.

In the interest of hygiene, Passengers are encouraged to:

  • Remove all rubbish from the aircraft when disembarking.


Chartair will continue to carry freight and mail to remote communities.  To minimize any risk of transmission of COVID-19, community residents MUST NOT approach the aircraft or pilot.

All freight to be carried out of the community must be left for the Pilot to collect. Chartair pilots WILL NOT accept freight direct from community residents.

Please liaise with your local ARO for collection / delivery of freight.


Chartair have implemented a robust aircraft and office cleaning program.

If you have any questions of Chartair, please email the Safety and Quality Manager at or the CEO at

Additional Information can be found at:

Chartair COVID-19 Management Plan

Chartair COVID-19-Response-Plan


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