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Chartair are able to transport you for essential purposes over state borders. Passengers are to ensure that they hold all relevant documentation for the arriving and departing state.

Passengers should arrive no later than 45 MINUTES BEFORE your flight departure time.

Travelling to WA

Passengers wishing to travel to Western Australia must apply for an exemption prior to travel.

Information on travel to Western Australia can be found at WA State Border Closure (

Passengers will be required to provide evidence of approval to enter Western Australia prior to departure.

Passengers wishing to enter Western Australia in a Regional area will be required to complete all requirements in accordance with the remote WA Travel – Regional Communities.


Chartair will check all documentation prior to travel. Incorrect or incomplete documentation will result in you not being able to travel.  Be Aware that the Approval process for travel can take up to 72 hours.

  • Travel outside of / or between regions is not permitted without an Exemption.
  • To Apply for an Exemption you must apply at G2G PASS (
  • Arrive no later than 45 minutes BEFORE your flight.
    • Provide evidence of approval for travel to check in staff. This can be electronically on your phone via the app..