Ground Handling

Ground Handling Services - Alice Springs

Chartair has the capability to provide Fixed Base Operator (FBO)  services on our private ramp in Alice Springs. Our experienced staff can provide 24 hour services to a variety of aircraft including Airline, Corporate, Fly-In Fly-Out and private operations.

Services We Can Provide

  • Passenger Handling and Check-In facilities in our private passenger lounge
  • Aircraft marshalling and parking services
  • Baggage and Freight Handling
  • Full Flight Planning, Weather, Flight Notification submissions and Internet access
  • Shell Jet-A1 and AVGAS refuelling capability
  • Catering
  • Arrange Crew Accommodation, Transfers and Hire Cars
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Facilitate Lavatory and Water Servicing

Contact our friendly team in Alice Springs to obtain a personalised quote for your needs.

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Photo Credit Simon Coates