About Us

Chartair, in partnership with its employees, will conduct its business in a manner that ensures safety is the first priority in all our activities.

Chartair is committed to developing, improving and implementing strategies and systems of process, to ensure the highest standard of safety
performance is exercised in accordance with national and international standards.


At Chartair, safety is everyone’s responsibility – whether on the ground or in the air, we simply won’t compromise.

As one of the few general aviation operators in the country operating under a low capacity RPT AOC, there are a number of critical components in place to ensure compliance and enhance safety, including:

  • A CASA approved Safety Management System (SMS)
  • A CASA approved Safety and Quality Manager
  • Aircraft operating under CASR Part 42 – we are a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)
  • A CASA approved Continuing Airworthiness Manager who ensures all aircraft maintenance is conducted on time and to the highest standards
  • Aircraft maintenance is conducted under CASR Part 145 – we are an Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) with two main maintenance facilities in Darwin and Alice Springs
  • A CASA approved Chief Engineer
  • Aircrew are trained under our CASA approved CAR217/ Part 141 Training and Checking Organisation
  • Human factors training conducted annually for aircrew, engineers and operations staff

Chartair is regularly audited by CASA, our clients (including other airlines and mining companies), and internally by our Safety and Quality Manager.