Charter Flights

Government Charters

Chartair is one of the largest suppliers to the Federal Government RASS Scheme – The Mail Plane. Servicing remote and rural communities through RASS since 1977, Chartair has supported the Government’s development of the scheme by introducing larger aircraft capable of delivering scheduled RPT passenger services. Currently, Chartair services five of the ten national RASS contracts in the NT, SA, WA and QLD.

At a State and Territory level, Chartair is a major supplier to the Northern Territory Government providing charter services for departments such as Health, Education and Justice. We are a major supplier of services to the NT Power & Water Corporation ensuring that water samples are collected from remote locations in a timely manner to ensure continued safe drinking water for those communities.

In times of environmental challenge (especially during the Top End wet season), Chartair is often called upon to evacuate communities and provide vital resupply to the many communities stranded by the weather.